Image Guidelines For Custom Car Air Fresheners

Please follow our Image Guidelines for the best available result for your product. If you have any questions before your order, or you like us to review your photo before you place an order, please e-mail us at:
Your Photo:
-At least 1000x1000 pixels
-The object on the photo does not cut off.
-The photo is well-lighted. ( Please note that printed products are usually 20% darker than appear on your screen)
-Contains anything you like on the air freshener to include.


Please be aware, if you send us a photo with text on it, the text will be turned the other way around on the back because of its shape. Think about it like when you look in the mirror. It's simple physics. Isn’t it?

Please note:
If the photo does not comply with these requirements, it may cause a delay in your order, or in the worst case, you will receive your order in lousy quality, which we can not refund.